Assembly and operation of the Juno's Spiner

I explain how to assemble and operate Juno's Spinner using dodecahedron model.

assemble 001

The parts of the Juno's Spiner are in the left.

There are 12 outer elements (clear), 20 inner elements and 60 sets of rotational joints.

assemble 002

Pile up the element of two sheets and join together by rotational joint.

A clear element should always be placed outside of model.

assemble 003

Assemble them in the state of being easy to hold elements.

assemble 004

Check whether an element moves smoothly.

A clear element is in front of a blue element.

assemble 005

Add an element in the same way.

assemble 006

This photograph shows combined four sheets of elements. Please direct your attention that four elements are forming one loop.

assemble 007

You may understand the principle of transformation by operating a small number of element..

assemble 008

Always be conscious of making a loop with four sheets of elements.

assemble 009

Four elements are surrounding a circle.

assemble 010

If model is extended, it turns out easily which next should be connected.

assemble 011
assemble 012

If you move model little bit, it tends to become flat automatically.

assemble 013
assemble 014

Assemble model where it extended as much as possible.

assemble 015

Look for the place where one loop will be formed if one element is added. Then, assemble this part you found.

assemble 016
assemble 017

We had assembled half of the model.

assemble 018
assemble 019

Don't get the top and bottom of elements mixed up.

assemble 020
assemble 021
assemble 022

Almost finished.

assemble 023
assemble 024


shrink 025

When you shrink Juno's Spinner, bounce it in your hands gently.

If you made mistake at top and bottom of elements, you wouldn't shrink it.

expand 026

When you expand Juno's Spinner, hold opposite sides of outer elements.

expand 027

Move your each hands away.

expand 028
expand 029

Twist your hands leave rotation of elements.

expand 030
expand 031
expand 032
expand 033
expand 034
expand 035

Left picture shows completely expanded Juno's Spinner.

You can expand Juno's Spinner make use of centrifugal force too.